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My first experience as a teacher…

It’s true to say that, until last weekend, I had never taught anyone anything, unless you count teaching my children how to use a knife and fork (still trying with that one!), how to fasten buttons, to have good manners etc etc. So, naturally, the thought of teaching a class how to make a lampshade was a little bit daunting.

But, you know what? I kept on telling myself that I am doing this because I love it, otherwise there’s really no point is there? Would I really want to go back to my old day job, sitting at a desk all day? No way!

So in the end I decided to take a deep breath and have fun which is exactly what I did, I really did!

The workshop was run at Sophie from Arts & Laughs house in Maidenhead so the atmosphere was very relaxed and I was right when I said we would eat lots of cake and drink lots of cups of tea! We even managed to sit out in the garden for a well-deserved break half way through as the weather was so nice (it’s very taxing making lampshades you know!)

Magic Roundabout lampshade
It's amazing what you can make from some old curtains! Picture by Clare Kelly (

Five lovely ladies, including Clare, a freelance journalist for frombritainwithlove, came from as far away as Gloucester to learn how to make a simple drum lampshade. Everyone’s fabric was very different in style: from vertical stripes to floral print to Matisse and a vintage Magic Roundabout curtain.

I won’t go through all the details of the course but it went in a flash, with very few hiccups, and everyone got along brilliantly. By the end of the workshop everyone was smiling and pretty proud of their achievements.

That evening I had a celebratory glass of wine and the next day I was on a real high. Feedback from the workshop couldn’t have been better, with everyone giving every aspect of the day top marks. I know one of the ladies has already been inspired to order supplies to make more lampshades for her home. So, what did I take away from the experience? I think the main thing is that it’s good to put yourself out of your comfort zone sometimes – the rewards can be enormous and teaching others a new skill is great fun. Watch out for more dates coming soon and photos of the workshop too…

2 thoughts on “My first experience as a teacher…

  1. Hi Julie. Your first teaching experience, inspiring! I finally got the chance to look in on your site, we met at the Craft Coop get-together a couple of weeks ago.You have real flair and a beautiful talent~love your stuff!
    Best wishes, Darlene

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