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Art Deco with a twist…

It’s been quite a while since I studied Interior Design and it was really good to have the chance to refresh that knowledge by putting together a sample board for a client last week. I didn’t have to do this but I find it helps visualise how a scheme is going to look with the wallpaper, cushions, lampshades, furniture, fittings and ornaments all on the same board together. I would always recommend doing this when putting a scheme together plus I enjoyed doing it too so that was a bonus!

This project has been based around an Art Deco fireplace and the client wanted to keep that Art Deco feel but with a modern twist. This is the kind of Interior Design I like as I love mixing up styles rather than just sticking to one.

We chose the wallpaper a while ago but now that I offer a bespoke lampshade making service, I’m able to combine the two skills and complete the room for her. We’ve gone for a simple geometric wallpaper behind the bed, to go with the Art Deco fireplace on the opposite wall.

Then a lovely floral fabric from John Lewis will adorn a pendant lampshade in the middle of the room and cushions on the bed. The two small bedside lampshades will be replaced with plain, muted pink drum lampshades and an Art Deco mirror will go above the fireplace. I don’t have pictures of all the furniture on this sample board but they would ideally be included to finish off the whole picture. I’ll put some more photos on here once the lampshades and cushions are made… I wouldn’t mind a bedroom like this though, a bit girly but not too much so and very calming zzzzz……

Wallflower fabric in magenta and grey
Large pendant lampshade in wallflower fabric
ArtDecoInspiredBedroom SampleBoard
Sample Board for an Art Deco Inspired Bedroom

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