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It’s got to be colourful…

I visited Top Drawer at Olympia for the first time today and was supposed to be all set to write a blog post about it when I got back… However, (you knew there was going to be a however didn’t you?!) I went with the lovely Interior Designer Kate Lovejoy, and spent too much time chatting, plus it was more gift ideas than interior products, but it was fun anyway. We finished the morning off with a trip to Goldhawk Road and lots of great fabric shops (all called ‘Fabric something or other’), followed by a delicious (but very messy!) felafel wrap from the market, yum.

Back to Top Drawer anyway… I did spot a couple of designers that I was very drawn to – so you see I am writing a blog post after all, just can’t help it now I’ve sat down and started tapping away! I’m very into Scandinavian and 1950s designs at the moment, even more so than usual. I think it’s the bright colours and clean lines that do it. A nice one for home-wares was New House Textiles – I would love one of their simple chopping boards to brighten up my kitchen.

New House Textiles chopping boards
New House Textiles chopping boards

Another company I’ve never heard of is Littlephant, a Swedish brand created by designer and illustrator Camilla Lundsten. Again, I must get my hands on one of their mugs, which are lovely and colourful, just what you need for a nice cuppa when it feels like the summer is slipping away…

Littlephant mugs
Littlephant mugs

It must be nearly time for a new handbag too, I would love one of these Littlephant bags! But would I need to co-ordinate my outfit? Hmm not sure I can manage that every day…

Littlephant day bags
Littlephant day bags

Poppy Treffry had a stall too – I still really like her designs and it makes me want to do some machine embroidery again soon (I asked and they do actually use old Singer machines for all their work and Poppy’s sister even recognised her stitching on Kate’s Poppy Treffry bag – wow!) Check out one of their videos on You Tube, it’s very inspiring!

So perhaps you can tell from this blog post, I like colourful patterns at the moment and I really think it’s the change in the weather, it just makes me happier – when can I get my hands on one of those handbags?!…

2 thoughts on “It’s got to be colourful…

    1. Thanks Kate, I’d love to make some retro inspired lampshades but I think I might do some drawing for a change (and I definitely want one of those handbags!)
      Let me know if you want to go into London another time, I didn’t get us too lost did I?! πŸ™‚

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