We offer a bespoke lampshade design service to clients and Interior Designers looking for the perfect lampshade for their home.

Each of our lampshades is lovingly hand-made using your own fabric or one chosen to match a scheme. (If you need help choosing fabric just get in touch and we can help source the right one for a small charge). Since our lampshades are all bespoke, you can also choose the size of your lampshade, from a diameter of 15cm to 70cm.

Do you own a lampshade you love the shape and size of but the outer fabric is worn or faded or not your taste any more? Or a lampshade with a non-standard fitting? No problem – we can recover it for you, adding new fabric to the existing frame and giving it a new lease of life. Just send us the dimensions along with a photo of the existing lampshade and we’ll advise you and send a quote.

Lead time on all lampshades is usually 2 weeks. Prices available on request.

Visit our lampshade guidelines for advice on choosing shapes, sizes and fabrics.

If you would like a plain fabric for your lampshade, we can source them for you from the Villa Nova Seville collection – order samples free of charge through us and we’ll have them sent to you so you can check the colour is the right match.

Get in touch for lampshade enquiries, prices and workshops.

Email julieg@gilhoolie.co.uk, or call 07947 032177.