Beautiful bespoke lampshades, handmade in Berkshire.

We offer a bespoke lampshade design service to clients and Interior Designers looking for the perfect lampshade for their home.

Each of our lampshades is lovingly hand-made using your own fabric or one chosen to match a scheme. (If you need help choosing fabric just get in touch and we can help source the right one). Since our lampshades are all bespoke, you can also choose the size of your lampshade, from a diameter of 15cm to 70cm.

Do you own a lampshade you love the shape and size of? No problem – we can recover it for you, adding new fabric to the existing frame and giving it a new lease of life.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements. Thank you!


One of our lined lampshades


Large hand-stitched empire lampshade

Large hand-stitched empire lampshade

Big lampshade complete

Cotton rose fabric with tassel trim


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