Lampshade Guidelines

Lampshades come in all shapes and sizes and when you’re choosing one it’s really important to consider the lamp base shape and size too, so that they fit well together. Below are some guidelines to help you ensure your shade matches the base (for a table lamp):

Width of your lampshade

This should be approximately the same as the height of the lamp from the base to the fitting.

Lampshades and bases look most balanced when the lampshade is at least 0.5″ wider than the base on each side.

How much space you have around your lamp will also determine what diameter you go for. Don’t forget you can also choose a rectangular or oval lampshade if space is restricted, for example a lamp on a console table.

Height of your lampshade

This should be approximately 3/4 the height of the base. It’s up to you though, tall lampshades look great too!

Shape of your lampshade

Lampshades come in all sorts of shapes: straight drum (cylinder), square, rectangular, oval, tapered drum (a cone with the top chopped off).

If you want a more cohesive look it’s best to match the base with the shade, so a square base with a square lampshade for example.

Floor Lamps

It really depends on the size and style of your floor lamp but in general a 45cm diameter or bigger lampshade will look best.

Pendant Lampshades

Go for a big lampshade if your room dimensions are big, otherwise they won’t have much impact. Stick to 20cm diameter lampshades for box rooms!

Material for your lampshade

Fabric shouldn’t be too thick (it won’t let light through) or so thin that it frays easily. Consider what you will be using it for and how much light you want it to emit.

Be bold with colour and pattern – lampshades are a great way of updating a room and look amazing with a bold pattern. Think about the shape and size of your lampshade when choosing pattern.

If you would like a plain fabric for your lampshade, we can source them for you from the Villa Nova Seville collection – order samples free of charge through us and we’ll have them sent to you so you can check the colour is the right match.

Need more advice on lampshades? Contact us if you have any questions.

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