Frequently Asked Questions

Q | What is the lead time for lampshades?

A | 2 weeks, but it is often quicker.

Q | Can I supply my own fabric for a lampshade?

A | Yes! Of course. It shouldn’t be too thick though, so that it lets the light through. You can always send me a sample of the fabric to make sure it is suitable.

Q | Can gilhoolie source fabric for me?

A | Yes! I’m happy to help you find the right fabric. I charge a small fee for this, included in your lampshade quote. Have a look at our fabric recommendations page for ideas.

Q | Do you have plain fabrics you would recommend for lampshades?

A | Yes! Have a look at the Villa Nova Seville collection or Villa Nova Camberley Eton are nice too. If you’d like silks I have used Wemyss Fabrics Komodo silk lots of times.

Q | Can I see a sample of one of the plain fabrics I like so that I can check the colour?

A | Yes! Just send me your address and the colours you’d like to see and I’ll organise it for you.

Q | How do I request a quote for a lampshade?

A | Just send me an email with the measurements (top and bottom diameters, plus height) and shape you need and I’ll get back to you.

Q | I really like the shape and size of my current lampshade – can you recover it for me?

A | Yes! Just send me photos of the lampshade, as well as the measurements and I’ll send you a quote for recovering with new PVC and fabric. I’ll reuse the existing rings.

Q | What are the options for lampshade linings?

A | The standard PVC lining is white. But I often use metallic embossed PVC in champagne, gold and silver, as well as mirrored copper.

Q | Can you make me a lampshade from wallpaper?

A | Yes! As well as maps and pages from books or comics. I usually attach a contrasting bias binding strip on the top and bottom rings to finish them off nicely.

Q | Can you attach a trim to my lampshade?

A | Yes!

Any other questions? Just get in touch, we’d love to hear from you!

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