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7 vital ingredients of great craft workshops

I haven’t been to that many craft workshops but I’ve been lucky that the ones I have attended have been fab. The ones that made me go W O W were at The Make Lounge (now sadly closed) and at Homemade London. I remember leaving with an enormous sense of achievement and satisfaction that I had learnt a new skill and had the opportunity to chat to some lovely people. I traveled home, proudly clutching whatever I had made, thinking “I made that!”

So, what’s the difference between a memorable craft workshop and a not so memorable one?

7 signs you’ve attended a great workshop

When you attend a great workshop, you should:

  1. Receive clear correspondence beforehand on what to bring, where to go and what to expect, so that you arrive feeling relaxed and ready to learn
  2. Be taught by a teacher who is patient, knowledgeable in their skill, and interested in what you do too
  3. Meet like-minded people, even make new friends and contacts to stay in touch with afterwards
  4. Learn a new skill in a relaxed atmosphere and in pleasant surroundings
  5. Get a chance to ask questions about the craft and learn some useful tips
  6. Be invited to give feedback on your experience
  7. And finally… Be offered refreshments, and if at all possible (I personally think it’s really important….)

h o m e m a d e   c a k e ! ! !


After all, a craft workshop isn’t complete without it, don’t you think?!

I consider my lampshade 1-2-1s and workshops for small groups to be all of the above, I really do. I think it’s important that people leave feeling happy, with a buzz about their new found skill, and of course full of cake and cups of tea!

Here’s some feedback from a 1-2-1 I held last week with a lovely lady called Helen (including the cake above):

“My only feed back is that you have a lovely teaching style, relaxed , friendly and not rushed.  For me, the perfect thing to do on my day off and the finale that gorgeous cake.  Just perfect!!!!”

Pictured in the photo below are Tamsin from Curious Upholstery and Libby from Elizabeth Eley Upholstery. We had a lovely time making four lampshades, including lined ones – workshops can be tailored to suit you, just let me know when you book.

You can find out more about my lampshade lessons here, or contact me for more information.

Happy lampshade lesson!
Happy lampshade lesson chez gilhoolie!

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