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Covid-19 Lock Down – Week Three – Up and Down

The weeks are blurring into each other more and more now, that's for sure. Here in the UK we're into week 4 of lock down and some days it's hard to know what day of the week it is. Overall I'm still feeling mostly happy and incredibly grateful but I had a slight dip mid… Continue reading Covid-19 Lock Down – Week Three – Up and Down

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Covid-19 Lock Down – Week One – Anxiety

It's April fools day, 2020. A bit different from other years. I don't think many people will be playing pranks. We're doing okay though. My family have adapted really well, it just feels like a long stay-cation at the moment! I've been keeping to a routine each morning at least. Exercise first thing (was Joe… Continue reading Covid-19 Lock Down – Week One – Anxiety


Everyone loves a tapered drum…

Tapered drum lampshades have been very popular at gilhoolie lately. Either restoration of an existing lampshade (as it's hard to find a replacement of the same dimensions) or made from scratch using a template. I particularly like restoring a client's tapered drum lampshade - it's always a happy feeling when I roll it along the… Continue reading Everyone loves a tapered drum…

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7 vital ingredients of great craft workshops

I haven't been to that many craft workshops but I've been lucky that the ones I have attended have been fab. The ones that made me go W O W were at The Make Lounge (now sadly closed) and at Homemade London. I remember leaving with an enormous sense of achievement and satisfaction that I had… Continue reading 7 vital ingredients of great craft workshops

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Happiness message in every tub…

Last week I opened an ice-cream tub to discover a message inside the lid that kind of summed up my first week back making lampshades after a long summer break. So there I was, eating my ice-cream and apple and blackberry pie with the family, when I read: "The three grand essentials to happiness in… Continue reading Happiness message in every tub…