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Covid-19 Lock Down – Week One – Anxiety

It's April fools day, 2020. A bit different from other years. I don't think many people will be playing pranks. We're doing okay though. My family have adapted really well, it just feels like a long stay-cation at the moment! I've been keeping to a routine each morning at least. Exercise first thing (was Joe… Continue reading Covid-19 Lock Down – Week One – Anxiety

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Henley-on-Thames School of Art…

I discovered The Henley on Thames School of Art last year - when I was looking for something creative to do that fits around working and making lampshades.
Thank goodness I discovered it! What a lovely place it is! It's a warm, welcoming, sunlit studio at the back of Hart Street, with a little courtyard. You'd never know it was there, unless you spot the little sign at the entrance to the alleyway...


Greys Court, Henley…

We discovered this National Trust property quite a few years ago and have been going back regularly ever since. It is definitely one of my favourites - the house is quite small and incredibly homely; you can imagine the Brunner family living there. And the gardens (with it's ancient wisteria) are very English and beautiful, surrounded by lush rolling hills. Perfect for an escape from the hustle and bustle, with lunch or a cream tea in the lovely cowshed tearoom.


On a mission…

What a busy week. My mind has been buzzing with ideas for next month's Art on the Street so I spent the day yesterday working on that. Mostly looking at old house pictures I've drawn and playing around with Photoshop, great fun. I've realised I need to be structured with my time, so Thursdays are my day for art stuff and nothing else. It really works. I also feel like I achieved a lot this week - I managed to book a summer holiday (what a relief!), squeezed in lots of exercise and even did a bit of gardening.


My favourite local buildings…

I love old buildings, especially the fine details that architects used to incorporate and that are often missing from new builds.
I also love drawing old buildings. So it made sense to set myself a challenge to draw my favourite local ones as a personal drawing project. Something to do in between making lampshades, working part time and being a mum (not much time there then!)