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COVID-19 Day One of Lock Down

We knew it was coming but it still feels very strange being on lock-down in your own home. I have been out to walk Arthur the miniature schnauzer today but that’s it. (The photo was taken yesterday, while I was cutting pvc for a lampshade, he likes to be wherever I am😍) Thank goodness we have a garden to get out in. And the sun is shining too. If it wasn’t for this virus I would be feeling optimistic about spring and the year ahead. As it is I’m feeling a bit anxious and uncertain about everything but I know I’m very fortunate too.

When we were having dinner as a family yesterday evening we decided it was going to be a bit like being on a family holiday, with only ourselves for company. We seem to be managing so far (I know it’s early days but we’re a very close family who like spending time together anyway).

The youngest has been studying online with his friends, watching their maths teacher’s live YouTube classes, exercising a bit in the garden and then playing online and chatting to friends the rest of the day. He seems very happy and unfazed.

The oldest had a video for university via zoom today and has college work to get on with still, but no weekend job any more. He’s a bit of a worrier but doing okay.

My husband works from home a lot anyway so not much different although he’s crazy busy and hasn’t travelled for business since this all began to get worse. He’s very pragmatic about it all and looks at all the stats.

Me? I have a few lampshade orders to finish. And the odd bit of work for the interior designers and small businesses I have been working for. But otherwise I have made several mind-maps of things I can do to keep busy. One for the house 🏑, one for the garden 🌼, and one for gilhoolie. That includes exercise (running πŸƒβ€β™€οΈ on my own or with husband), online yoga 🧘 (adriene), online barre, Joe Wick’s school PE class each morning πŸ˜… and meditation with Smiling Mind.

It feels a bit like I’ve been made temporarily redundant and I’m thinking of ways to fill my time that don’t involve going out or spending money. As I said, I’m a bit anxious and go from emotional to profoundly grateful. I’m okay when I’m at home but the social distancing feels very odd; I like to chat to people and now we have to stay 2 metres apart or not go out at all. I’m rubbish at not knowing what the future holds I guess; how long will it last, who around me will be affected etc etc.

Anyway, I’m going to post on here what I’m getting up to, to keep me motivated. I have the following to get on with for gilhoolie (I won’t bore you with all the things I have planned for the house and garden!):

  • Finish existing lampshade orders
  • Finish drawings for my website
  • Design a gilhoolie poster for when things are up and running again (loving Canva for things like this right now)
  • Design a range of gilhoolie lampshades – I’m thinking machine embroidered to keep me busy!
  • More gilhoolie loves blog posts, including Pinterest boards
  • Finish working on some botanical drawings I did a while ago and think about setting up an Etsy shop
  • Blog post on my new workshop / kitchen
  • Online courses – drawing, painting, textile design, Marketing, SEO (for my design assistance for interior designers work)

Should keep me going for a while. Take care out there everyone.

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