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Covid-19 Lock Down – Week One – Anxiety

It’s April fools day, 2020. A bit different from other years. I don’t think many people will be playing pranks. We’re doing okay though. My family have adapted really well, it just feels like a long stay-cation at the moment!

I’ve been keeping to a routine each morning at least. Exercise first thing (was Joe Wicks last week but decided to hunt around on YouTube for something else this week, there’s so much out there to choose from). Then I have breakfast, shower and take Arthur for a big long walk. I’m very lucky that I can do this and we have fields and woodland very close to our house that we can walk to. My husband on the other hand, is cooped up in his little office upstairs, working away all day. We live on a busy road which is currently hauntingly quiet most of the day. I’m not complaining about that, it’s bliss.

In the afternoon I’ve been working my way through my lists of jobs, very slowly! I have one for the house, garden and gilhoolie (I’m thinking we’re going to be stuck in for quite some time unfortunately!) Lots of gardening completed last week when the sun was shining 🌞 I’ve also had lots of virtual coffees with friends and feel very blessed that I have them to chat to. It’s definitely making me appreciate all the little things that’s for sure.

Yesterday I even hunted down my acrylic paints and plucked up the courage to have a go. It’s the first time I’ve done it since I finished a painting course at Henley School of Art and because I was feeling inspired by the Portrait Artist of the Year on Sky Arts. What a great programme! I really enjoy painting but always start with a worry that it will turn out really badly. I guess that’s what stops most people having a go?! I’m going to keep trying though, now that I have lots of time to fill. I’m not watching TV until the evening and trying to stay away from the news during the day too. It’s easy to get obsessed with all the stats on Covid-19 but not good for me mentally!

Pencil drawing the painting was based on

Last week I was crazy busy finishing off lampshade orders. It’s obviously going to be very quiet for a while but hopefully orders will pick up again once this is all over.

So that’s my first week in lock down. I really am getting used to this social distancing. Last week I cried every time I went out for a dog walk and felt quite anxious. I just felt so sad about it all too. You do adjust though, it just takes time. Isn’t it going to be amazing when this is all over and we can hug a friend or go out to dinner?! In the meantime I’m going to make the most of this time and maybe it will make me slow down in the future too.

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