Screenprinting at London Printworks Trust – one step closer…

I attended a 5 day screen printing course last week at the London Printworks Trust in Brixton (an experience in itself, including Electric Avenue!) We were taught by Dawn Dupree who is a textile artist exhibiting in the UK and Internationally (

I learnt various techniques I’d never heard of including foils and flocking but my favourite was just straight forward screenprinting onto fabric or paper. I finished the week by printing one of my geometric designs in different bright colours on cotton fabric and made them into tea-towels on my sewing machine yesterday. Not brilliant but it’s a start and one step closer to making my own fabric. I just have to find a workshop I can use or set one up at home now!

Screenprinted tea-towels

My screenprinted tea-towels

Green tea-towel

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3 thoughts on “Screenprinting at London Printworks Trust – one step closer…

  1. Beverley on said:

    Strong geometric design with good commercial potential, Julie. Well done.

  2. Wow, your t. towels look fab. Good luck with your next project.

  3. Gail Lucas on said:

    Are you taking orders? – I’m thinking house warmings and xmas already. I love these, very funky. (Oh to confuse you using the married name).

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