gilhoolie loves… printmakers

Okay, so I don't have any new year's resolutions as such but I do know that I want to be more creative again this year. I'm reading a positivity book for my 'other job' and one of the things that I liked the sound of was doing more activities that give you 'flow'. They can... Continue Reading →


gilhoolie loves… grey and yellow

I've been looking for inspiration for adding a bit of colour to my newly decorated grey dining room and, although I don't usually like the colour yellow much I REALLY like it combined with grey. So here are a few of my finds, some for interiors, others for me, well, I had to include a... Continue Reading →

gilhoolie loves lampshades and… Bath

Just thought I'd share with you some gilhoolie loves from my recent, extra special birthday visit to Bath (thank you James xxx)... 1. I was over the moon to discover Atmosphere Bath on Broad Street - an amazing fabric shop with an incredible range of quality French and Belgian fabrics 2.  A new find this time; if you... Continue Reading →

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