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Mummy, when will you make us beanbags?

Before I finished work a month ago I made a list of things I wanted to accomplish and this was high priority as I’ve been promising to make them for ages. I wanted to make beanbags for the boys that were a bit different from shop bought ones and I’m really pleased with the results. They are a pyramid shape with a square base, with a handle at the top and pockets on the sides with their initials. One in soft grey cord (J) and one in blue denim (D), both top stitched along the seams to make them really strong. I’m making things like this to perhaps eventually sell as items on somewhere like Etsy, so I’ll let you know if this goes ahead, or get your orders in now! Let me know what you think, it’s always really helpful to get your comments… Also had a play with Photoshop to try and make the images more professional, thanks to a book from the library! (such fun…)

Blue denim beanbag
Blue denim beanbag
Grey cord beanbag
Grey cord beanbag

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