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Where is the bed?!

Geometric design cushion
Geometric design cushion
Geometric cushion and runner
Geometric cushion and runner

Well, the three weeks of the Easter holidays were glorious but it’s good to be back making things again (not how I was feeling yesterday, it’s weird being in the house on my own again!) I finished the runner and one of the cushions for our bedroom today and I was dying to post them on my blog so here they are. There will be two cushions when I’ve finished and they’ll go on the bed but I was trying to be artistic with the shot in the garden and it looks good on the chair too.

So that’s the bedroom all done (except for the bedding, hence still no photo of the bed, sorry!) I must say it is very calming and I’m really pleased with the design. Now onto making a beanbag for a friend (my first commission, thanks Sandi!) and thinking about decorating the living room. I’m also going to try and master Adobe Illustrator as I’ve heard it’s good for textile design, busy busy…

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