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First gilhoolie designs

I’m really keen to make lampshades out of my designs but decided to start more simply by printing tea-towels. I spent a day last week on the computer drawing up the designs that have sat in my sketchbook for the last few months and ended up with quite a few basic repeat patterns I’m happy with.

Here are a couple of images of my favourite tea-towel designs. Luckily, I can buy them already made and will just need to sew on the gilhoolie logo. This is the blue colourway but they will also be printed in a dusky pink and powder green. Hopefully they’ll go with most kitchen designs and look as good printed on fabric as they do on a computer screen!

gilhoolie windmill tea-towel
gilhoolie windmill tea-towel
gilhoolie tulip tea-towel
gilhoolie tulip tea-towel

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