Sewing projects

Bags or not?…

Tabitha bag
Tabitha bag and cross-stitch picture

I’m still not entirely convinced about making bags but as this blog is like a diary I thought I should put this on here anyway. It’s a ‘Tabitha bag’ and the pattern is by Flossie Teacakes. I like the end result but boy did it take a long time to make! There are 20 pattern pieces, some with interfacing hence just cutting them out took a couple of hours and I’m not sure I have the patience to do it again, in fact I definitely don’t! However, it was really good sewing practice and now it’s done I’m glad I persevered. The pattern itself is brilliant and incredibly easy to follow with great diagrams all along the way. I really like the patterned fabric in the pleats and the handle so I could incorporate these ideas into an easier bag at some point.

The blue flower picture in the background is a cross-stitch I completed a month ago by the way. Again, I love the picture but it took an awful lot of patience to finish; I’ve decided I much prefer projects that can be completed in a day, life is far too short!

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