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Birds, owls, hearts and bunting…

Birds, owls, hearts and bunting
Birds, owls, hearts and bunting

Like I said yesterday, I’m nearly there now and even made some bunting today to go on my stall to make it look pretty. I used scraps from the other things I’ve made so it all ties in together and it was the easiest thing to do. Honest, if you like bunting (which I do) then there aren’t many easier things you can sew; all in less than an hour; so satisfying!

The birds, owls and hearts are all filled with lavender (took a while to do, thank you Caroline for donating the lavender!) Again, that was a bit of a family activity at the weekend as the boys enjoyed pulling the heads off the dried lavender plants in between painting their chalkboard signs and riding round the garden on their bikes!

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