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Just messing around…

Embroidered sky house picture
Do you like the butterfly?!

I had a go at embroidering the sky for one of my house pictures today as a bit of an experiment. Choosing the fabrics was fun and sewing them on wasn’t too bad, once I got the hang of it. I need to put it in a frame to get a better idea before I can say I’m entirely happy with it though. I must admit, sewing the clouds and sun onto the sky background was a bit strange as the needle had a mind of it’s own and straight lines are very difficult, but then clouds aren’t supposed to be nice and neat, so that’s okay (am I rambling?) What I’m trying to say is it was quite hard for a perfectionist, but I think the experience (!) was good for me too.

I had a lovely time at the school fair on Saturday by the way. Much more relaxed than last time and nice to just chat to people about what I’ve been up to. I’m looking forward to the Christmas Artisan Fair at Norden Farm (Altwood Road, Maidenhead) next Saturday, 3rd December (11 – 4pm). You might see this house picture on my stall if I can find the right size frame! It’ll be nice to meet more craft people in the area that’s for sure. On Saturday I found out an old friend from junior school makes adorable sock monkeys and peg bags – check out Rachael’s work on Monkey and Squidge. I definitely left the fair with even more ideas buzzing round my head, more about those another day…

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