gilhoolie greeting cards?…

gilhoolie tulip birthday card
gilhoolie tulip birthday card

I don’t know about you but I’m forever buying cards – there’s always a birthday, birth, new house, new job, so… I thought I’d have a go at making my own. This week, a friend of mine had her first baby and it was another friend’s birthday yesterday. So, there I was making cards rather than looking round the shops for the ‘right’ one. It’s got to mean more if it’s hand-made, well that’s what I think anyway. I hope they think so too. It’s a shame the photos don’t do them justice; I thought photographing stationery would be a doddle compared to lampshades and beanbags!

The birthday card is made using remnants from my screen-printing this week plus some Lotta Jansdotter fabric for the vase. I LOVE her designs so you may see more of them cropping up on here. It’s a shame her shop is in Brooklyn or I’d be right there! LOTS.

gilhoolie baby girl card
gilhoolie baby girl card


The baby card is for a close friend who had a beautiful baby girl this week, what a cute name! I used some vintage-style floral fabric I found in my local sewing shop. I thought it went with the old fashioned pram.

Update – I actually wrote this post two days ago and couldn’t publish it until I’d delivered the cards yesterday and I now have 2 more friends with babies – better make some more!! (What is it they say about waiting for a bus and then 3 come along, what a special week, congratulations all!)

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