More cards…

More gilhoolie cards
More gilhoolie cards

I’ve been working on card ideas over the last week and am hoping to have a bundle ready to sell at the next craft fair. From what I’ve seen they’re always a hit and I thought it would be a good way to use my textile designs printed onto paper (plus I like making them!) They’re drawn in ink and then I’ve cut out parts of the picture to show my fabric designs behind – see my retro circles in blue on the mini and house and my tulips in purple on the handbag. These were really tricky to photograph  so sorry they’re not that clear; they look lovely in person, honest. At the moment they’re A6 size but I’m thinking I like these square so that may be the way to go for the next ones. The only problem is I keep giving them away and might not have any left by the time I do another craft fair – oops!

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