Lampshades · Sewing projects

Practice makes perfect…

It’s been all about practicing this week. I finally stripped my old lampshade frame yesterday. I think I had been putting it off because I was worried about what I’d find and there didn’t seem much point until I had chosen some fabric to recover it with. Amazingly, the horrible, faded, dusty cover came off (very stubbornly, a lot of sewing to unpick), to reveal a frame that is in absolutely perfect condition. The stand still needs some TLC but at least I can get on and cover the lampshade now. Oh, and I made another trip to my local antique shop and found another lampshade frame, much smaller but still really good to practice on.

Bare lampshade frame
What fabric to choose?

I also had a bit more practice at machine embroidery the other day and decided to copy my new logo onto some fabric to see what it looked like. I think it adds to the hand-drawn feel of the logo and it was nice to add a bit of colour for the two tulips.

My new business cards arrived too, no going back now!

gilhoolie logo machine embroidered

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