Sewing projects

Our house is becoming a gilhoolie gallery…

I keep telling myself it won’t be long until the sun’s shining so that I have an excuse to buy some new clothes, have a barbeque and sit in the garden sipping a nice cold glass of Pimm’s… well you have to dream don’t you?! At least I finished this machine embroidered picture today, oh and I think this weekend is going to be dry too, hooray!

Pimms machine embroidered

I delved into my fabric scraps bag (which is growing by the day) and decided to use the floral Liberty fabric from my last empire lampshade for the detail on the Pimm’s bottle. It has a really summery feel and I love the colours too. The main stitching on the picture is in a light grey but I added a gold/yellow thread for the writing on the bottle and the crown of course.

Pimms machine embroidered closeup
A close-up of the label

Last week I made a cushion and it reminded me that I don’t really enjoy making soft furnishings any more; far too many straight lines and neatness required. But drawing with my sewing machine is another matter entirely and as I get better at it the more fun it is and the less tense I am as I sew. I think I’ll frame this picture and put it on the wall in my kitchen, to add to the gilhoolie gallery (sorry family!)

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