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gilhoolie loves lampshades and…chevrons

I’ve been meaning to start a regular picture feature on my blog for a long time where I can just post some images with links of things I like and that inspire me. So here it is. Not much chat, just lovely pictures.

Starting with chevrons – I don’t know why I like this simplest of patterns so much and I’m not sure I would be brave enough to have anything too bold in my house but I’m always drawn to them (and these colours, I’ve realised). See what you think…

gilhoolie loves... chevrons
gilhoolie loves… chevrons
1. Creativity takes courage art print from Bubby and Bean on etsy 2. Yellow chevron purse from Oktak on etsy 3. Laugh, dance, sing, love art print from Vint Print on etsy   4. Chevron print pear art from DigitalCS on etsy 5. Ipod covers from Plum Street Prints 6. Chevron bag from Cindymars7 on etsy 7. Chevron utensils eat art print from Paperfinch Design on etsy 8. Chevron painted floor from House Beautiful 9. Cool tights from Lottie Loves blog

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