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Okay, so I don’t have any new year’s resolutions as such but I do know that I want to be more creative again this year. I’m reading a positivity book for my ‘other job’ and one of the things that I liked the sound of was doing more activities that give you ‘flow’. They can be anything you enjoy doing that help you escape and lose yourself. So it could be walking, drawing, swimming, writing, knitting, reading, or even work if you’re really lucky! For me I really escape when I’m drawing, or making a lampshade, or teaching a workshop or doing some machine embroidery, or writing this blog. So that’s why I intend to do more of these things in 2014.

Sometimes it’s just hard finding the time to be creative, but I thought I’d start with a look at my favourite printmakers to get some inspiration. I already have a piece of lino and some tools so I’ll be having a go really soon, it’s just deciding what image to print – always my stumbling block (that and aiming too high to start off with – I want to be as good as these straight away, wow, I love them!!)

I think there’s a common theme in terms of subject and colours I seem to be drawn to which is good, now my turn… (You can get to all the links for these via my Pinterest page).

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