Christmas, what Christmas?!…

I don’t know about you but I feel as though Christmas was a life time ago, or was it all just a dream?! Not a bad thing I guess; good to get on with a new year and all that. I don’t have any new year resolutions as such but I do have plenty of things I want to get on with as soon as possible. One of them is writing on here regularly again as I know I neglected it in the second half of 2013. So here’s my first post of 2014, hopefully the first of many!

I have a list of the other things I want to achieve and I was about to put them on here but then decided not to, all will be revealed as the year goes on (as long as I get on and stop procrastinating!)

Anyway, back to Christmas – below are some of the house picture commissions I received at the end of last year. I still get asked to do these occasionally and of course it’s always a pleasure. I still love looking at and drawing houses…

linda final

Karen Moyse finalRachel final kim final

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