Gotta love a camper van…

I love drawing commissions and this is my second vehicle (see the first one here). You see, it’s not all about houses (although they are my favourite!)

I completed this drawing a couple of months ago but couldn’t post it on here as I didn’t want to ruin the surprise (it was a present for someone who loves their camper van, Jerby!) Ideally I would scan this into the PC and colour it in but this was requested as an ink drawing with the gilhoolie patterned sky background so here it is.

Now I’m starting my own commission(s) – my plan is to draw my favourite buildings in my area. There are so many beautiful old buildings, it could take a while, but if I can complete a handful I’ll be very happy…watch this space (and let me know if you have any suggestions!)

camper van drawing commission

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