Pub crawl anyone?…

When I was younger people used to go on pub crawls quite a lot. Now the number of pubs in our towns is decreasing and being taken over by coffee shops and restaurants. I really like coffee shops but there’s nothing like a British pub; for a cosy night out in the winter and a great pub garden and a glass of Pimms in the summer.

We decided to go on a pub crawl a few weeks ago with friends; instead of our usual trip to a local restaurant. It was so much fun! Everyone chatted to everyone else while we were in the pubs… and while we were stumbling from one to the next. Whereas we’re usually all sat at a long table; only able to talk to the handful of people near you. Luckily there were only six pubs so we didn’t have to drink too much (I’m a bit of a light weight!) – there were thirteen in the same stretch of road in Cookham years ago!

These 2 pubs aren’t my locals but they are in Maidenhead and they’re in lovely old buildings. The good thing about being an artist is it makes you more mindful of what’s around you and what would make a good subject to draw. I look up a lot too, for some odd reason I love old chimney pots and roof details…

I’ll be printing these out and bringing them along to Art on the Street on Saturday, 17th June – come and see me!

The Hand & Flowers, Maidenhead. With gilhoolie patterned sky.
The Bell, Maidenhead.

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