Covid-19 Lock Down – Week Four

What a strange world we’re living in. Covid-19 has driven a steamroller through so many lives. But we’re kind of getting used to this new way of living. The death toll announced each day still really upsets me but I find myself grateful that at least the figures are heading in the right direction. This is all a bit morbid for gilhoolie, we’ll just talk about what I’ve been up to instead shall we?

Well, my mind-map lists of of tasks (remember I had one for the garden, house and gilhoolie) has steadily decreased so that I just have just the least enjoyable left on there. Like paint the garden shed… I’ve made the most of the weather, with lots of long dog walks amongst the bluebells in the woods near us, lots of gardening and I even sat in a deckchair at the end of the garden to read my book in the afternoon a couple of times.

Lampshade orders are all done for now and I’m not sure when they will pick up again. One client just collected her’s – I had to put it on the porch and then step back into the hallway to keep social distancing. Always really nice to meet the people I make them for so I’m happy.

Bespoke lampshade made using printed fabric from Woven Monkey

It’s fine if lampshade orders slow down for a bit. I’m always saying I don’t have enough time for art, blogging, meditating, learning new skills etc so now’s the time. I started an online Google Garage course ‘Fundamentals of Digital Marketing‘ yesterday and I think a bit of that each day will keep me really busy. This is for my own business but also for the local interior designers I support with my gilhoolie Design Assistance service. It’s so important to keep up to date in this digital age and nice to reinforce what I know as well as learn something new along the way. This side of my business has really slowed down since lock down but I’m hoping it will all pick up again soon as the interior designers start to take work on again.

Arthur (the miniature schnauzer) is keeping me company and making me smile all the time. Yesterday I just sat and watched him breathing while I waited for him to wake up so that I could see if he liked his new bed I made him (another task ticked off my list!) He seems to be happy with it and it goes with our newly decorated kitchen / dining room (of course!)

The garden is looking amazing in the sunshine. So many plants are thriving. Even the lupins are starting to flower and the delphiniums and alliums aren’t far behind. So still lots to look forward to even if the weather cools down next week. This weekend our main job is to plant a new cherry tree which is looking very sweet with it’s pink clusters of blooms. There were a couple of cute blue tits sitting in the branches on the patio the other day, I think the wildlife is going to enjoy it.

Like everyone else it seems I have been doing lots of baking. Today I made a very tasty, if a bit lopsided, Victoria sandwich. Everything seems better when you can eat cake with a cup of tea!

That’s it for this week. I wonder if I will have less to write on here as the weeks go on. But I’m determined to keep going for my own sake more than anything. It’s a nice way to finish the week and it’s keeping me going even if no one is reading it!

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