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gilhoolie has an Etsy shop!

Finally, I have a shop! Okay so the ‘shelves’ aren’t fully stocked yet but at least I have set one up, it’s a start. Lock down has been a great opportunity for me to work on my own creative projects but I have been very busy with lampshades lately so that’s had to take priority, it is the day job after all. I’m currently in the middle of recovering lots and lots of large tapered drums for an interior designer in Haslemere. All with gold embossed PVC lining and mostly with a satin black fabric on the outside (which I swear I have been seeing in my sleep!) Two of them are taupe, with black trim around the rings so that made a nice change to make today. I’ll write a blog post with some photos once the order is complete.

So back to being creative and my Etsy shop. I have been thinking about setting up a shop for a while so that I have somewhere to sell my illustrations, machine embroidery pictures and lampshades. Since I started my head has been buzzing with ideas on designs so at the moment I’m itching to get back to it.

As I write this there are just a couple of new pieces on there as my rhubarb and ginger gin machine embroidery picture sold yesterday – yay! (It actually felt quite weird once the reality had sunk in that I had to wrap it up and give it to someone who had paid good money for it, amazing too though). I added some hand embroidery French knots to the jug in this one, and trailing flowers around the outside, with liberty print fabric on the Edinburgh gin bottle label.

All of the pieces are one-offs and the pictures come unframed but fit perfectly into an Ikea frame. I machine embroider onto linen fabric which has a lovely texture and on the lampshades the light comes through beautifully when lit.

As soon as I have a break from lampshade orders I’ll be back making another illustration I think. I have recently drawn my favourite houseplant (oxalis triangularis) so no doubt that will be my next machine embroidery picture. I have some lovely purple soft felt that would work perfectly for the clover shaped leaves. Watch this space. And please do visit my Etsy shop and look out for new additions, hopefully really soon!

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