Handmade little present…

I decided to make an egg cosy for a little girl's birthday present this week. Okay so it's not the latest expensive girly toy but it's hand-made, personalised and I had fun making it while the boys played with their friends... It's good practice for next week too, when I'm planning on machine embroidering my... Continue Reading →


gilhoolie has a Facebook page!

Okay, this might have to be the last drawing for a week or so because I really need to get back to screenprinting and then make some lampshades now that all the kit has arrived. There seems to be a bit of a kitchen/retro theme going on here don't you think?! The only problem is... Continue Reading →

All nice and cosy…

I know not many people use egg cosies these days but my six year old wanted me to make him one and how could I refuse? It gave me a chance to have more of a practice at machine embroidery and was pretty simple to make, thanks to my lovely Poppy Treffry book. I look... Continue Reading →

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