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Design for a Museum Cafe – the 1950s are very in you know!

At last, I finished my Interior Design project this week – a design for a museum cafe. The brief was to choose a furniture designer and a location for the museum and then design an interior incorporating their designs. I chose a married couple, Robin and Lucienne Day, who worked independently in different mediums from the 1950s. Robin was a furniture designer most famous for his polypropylene chairs (one of the first pieces of furniture to fully use the mass-manufacturing opportunities of injection moulding…) You probably sat on one at school and they are still produced today.

Robin Day's Polypropylene Chair
Robin Day's Polypropylene Chair












Lucienne Day designed fabrics for Heals and John Lewis, her most famous being one called Calyx which I used on the feature wall of my cafe design.

Calyx fabric
Calyx fabric by Lucienne Day











Here are a couple of boards I produced:

1. Perspective painting of the feature wall with comfortable seating by Robin Day

Museum cafe perspective
Museum cafe perspective

2. Sample board showing sofas, flooring and fabrics

Museum cafe sample board
Museum cafe sample board

While I was working on this design 1950s furniture and fabrics have become very popular. I’d love a Charles and Ray Eames chair for example, better get saving!

(available in various colours from John Lewis)

Charles and Ray Eames chair
Charles and Ray Eames chair


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