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I’m no decorator…

This week I am mostly decorating….. (our bedroom) As usual it’s taking far longer than I expected and I just want to do the fun bits so I thought I’d put them on here while I have a break from painting.

I’m kind of cheating a bit by putting together a sample board as I go along but sometimes it’s easier that way and I can because it’s for me. I haven’t based it on a mood board but on a wallpaper I liked.

Amara wallpaper
Amara wallpaper from John Lewis

Amara is a wallpaper from John Lewis which is a ‘folk inspired floral pattern in an illustrative style, with accents of vivid citrus’.

This will go on a feature wall behind the bed with the rest of the walls a pale gooseberry fool green colour.

I’m going to make cushions next week and I’m probably going to go for this Romo fabric from their Casson collection. It’s a 1950s inspired geometric print (see, I told you they were in at the moment).
Romo Quadra is a striking geometric design printed on linen. I realise the wallpaper and fabric I’ve chosen don’t go brilliantly well on a computer screen but they look good in real life, honest. The pink compliments the green in the rest of the room and I really like mixing floral designs with geometric patterns. I’ll put an update on here once the room is finished, soon I hope…

romo quadra dahlia
Romo quadra fabric in dahlia

I’ve bought an ivory mirror from Laura Ashley to go above the fireplace. At the moment I’m thinking about painting the woodwork an ivory colour too but not quite decided yet.

Olivia mirror
Olivia mirror from Laura Ashley

That’s it for now, I’m hoping to make lampshades myself but that’s another project for another day…

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