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Bags and buttons

gilhoolie bag
gilhoolie bag

This is my second attempt at making a bag and I’m really pleased with the result, thank goodness. (Yes, I am a perfectionist but I think that’s a good thing when you’re sewing; straight, neat lines are good, right?!)

gilhoolie bag detail
gilhoolie bag detail

I used remnants from the denim beanbags and geometric cushion I made, so it  didn’t cost much; just thread and a magnetic clasp to fasten the top of the bag.

I loved covering my own buttons with fabric; it’s so easy to do and adds interest to the exterior of the bag. I found a pack of self-cover buttons in my Nan’s old sewing box I inherited. I’ve been told she was a good seamstress so it’s a shame she can’t see what I’m up to but I’m sure she’d be pleased her sewing things are being put to good use.

So all in all I had a really successful day. The lining will eventually be made from my own printed fabric to make it an authentic gilhoolie bag. (Spot the gilhoolie label stitched into the seam!)

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