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Simple pleasures…

gilhoolie pouffe
gilhoolie pouffe

I really like the shape and style of traditional Moroccan pouffes and thought it would be good to have a go at making one. These will eventually be made from my screen-printed designs but I thought I’d practice on bought fabrics first.

This one is made out of three fabrics: John Lewis Chevron in sulphur, a plain natural coloured linen, and grey cord as the top and bottom. Can you spot the gilhoolie label in the seam? (Seeing them attached to something I’ve made makes me smile!)

I really enjoyed making something a bit different from standard cushions. The question is, what to make next?….

….well, I realised yesterday I’m not happy if I don’t have my next project at least in my head, but the next ‘project’ is to clear out the utility room and try and set up a workshop so that I can start screen printing. Not as much fun as making stuff but it has to be done. Hopefully I’ll be posting pictures of my first prints soon!

2 thoughts on “Simple pleasures…

  1. I’m really impressed with how things are coming along with your designs Julie……its all fantastic! How do you know where to get the labels and things made and how to you think of all the designs… very inspirational!

    1. Thanks Yvette. I made the labels myself and the inspiration for things I make mostly come from what other designers are doing on the web, magazines, shops etc. I really want to make my own fabric though to make them more original. I just hope that works out okay, I’m loving it though!

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