gilhoolie first prints

Even though my workshop isn’t set up yet I decided to have a go at printing last week (I say workshop, it’s just our utility room really, maybe one day I’ll have a workshop in the garden that I can potter in all day – it’s good to have a dream!) It was all a bit make-shift and experimental but at least I’ve had my first attempt now. I’m a bit restricted on colours with my starter set of inks but I plan to order more soon so that I can mix my own (once again I’m trying to be patient, not very good at that!)

I definitely need to practice before I can put them onto a lampshade but it’s a start and these ones might look nice as a pocket on a beanbag perhaps? Feedback from friends is that the windmill design is the most popular so I may just stick to that in the beginning; I’m learning it’s best to take small steps at this stage but it’s easy to get carried away.

Nearly there, I just need to get a bigger piece of worktop so that I can do more than one print at a time…

gilhoolie first prints 1

gilhoolie first prints 2
gilhoolie first prints (at last!)

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