Textile Design

Is this cheating?…

gilhoolie fabric designs on Spoonflower
gilhoolie fabric designs on Spoonflower

A friend of mine told me about this amazing website called Spoonflower recently and as they are offering free postage tomorrow I thought I should have a go at uploading some of my gilhoolie patterns. Spoonflower allows you to come up with fabric designs which they will then digitally print onto a choice of fabrics, how amazing is that?! Okay, so maybe it’s cheating a bit as the fabric won’t be ‘lovingly screen-printed by hand’ but I’m very excited about it. It means you can print large runs of fabric and play as much as you like with lots of colours and patterns, no exposing screens and getting messy! (That’s fun too but I’m all for making life a bit easier you know!)

I’m going to order some swatches of these gilhoolie patterns, then other people will be able to access and buy my designs (you won’t be able to see them until then). Fabric lovers should have a look, there’s lots of gorgeous designs; I especially like Holli Zollinger’s work, that’s someone to aspire to!

I’ve added links to some other fabric websites I like on the right hand side of my blog page, just so you know.

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