Have you done your Christmas shopping yet?…

Lots of Christmas trees
Lots of Christmas trees for your Christmas tree!

I don’t know how organised you are but I can’t start thinking about Christmas until around now so I thought I’d let you know about some forthcoming events where you can find me.

I will be at the Alwyn and Courthouse PTA Christmas Fair this Saturday, 26th November, from midday until 3pm and then at Norden Farm’s Christmas Artisan Fair on Saturday, 3rd December from 11am until 4pm (free entry).

Please come along and say hello and take the opportunity to catch up on some Christmas shopping. I’ll be taking orders for lampshades, soft furnishings and personalised house portraits as well as selling handmade Christmas tree decorations. Must get on, lots of sewing to do, hope to see you there!…

One thought on “Have you done your Christmas shopping yet?…

  1. I thought your stuff was beautiful yesterday! I mentioned you with a link in my blog… not that you’ll need it.

    Thanks for the info on the craft coop too, I contacted them today. I definitely want to go to more now, I’ve got the bug, but first… need to make some more stock.


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