A bit of ‘me time’…

Well, the Christmas holidays are whizzing by but there’s been plenty of time for nice cups of tea, along with far too many mince pies and choccies. It was so nice to have a bit of ‘me time’ yesterday and do a bit of drawing while the boys played with their new toys and bothered their Dad while he’s at home!

retro teapot and cup
Retro teapot and cup

I really like the shape of my teapot and teacup (see my previous blog post ‘All nice and cosy’) and thought they would be fun to draw. Again, I added some detail with fabric; this time just stuck on and not machine embroidered so even easier. The fabric has a small pattern which worked really well and is in keeping with the simple ink drawing. One of my favourite Christmas presents was a bundle of fabrics from my Mum and this one is called ‘Chards’ from the Cut Out and Keep collection by Heather Moore. I’ve got a feeling I’ll be using more of her fabric in my pictures as the print is nice and small and quite retro too, plus the colours are lovely. Not sure what I’ll draw next but I know I want to do another armchair and lampshade one; maybe more traditional this time but I might have to go on the hunt for more fabric to add to my collection first…

Well that was a bit of ‘me time’ in the morning, then it was a pretend family gun battle round the house before dinner and a tombola after dinner (a sneaky way to earn pocket money from us parents, funny boys!)

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