Sewing projects

Tricky joined-up writing…

Tricky joined-up writing!
Tricky joined-up writing!

Sometimes, when I look at all the amazing creative work people post on the Internet I feel a bit overwhelmed, but other times I am incredibly inspired. Okay, so this is just a tea-towel idea but any inspiration is good I think. This time I was inspired by Charlotte Macey and her lovely machine embroidered textiles. I already have a load of tea-towels I was supposed to screen-print (it didn’t work, bit of a sore point) so I decided to have a go at stitching one of my pictures on one (my retro teapot and cup). It was a bit nerve-wracking as I haven’t done a lot of machine embroidery but great to dust off the sewing machine and have a go. I have to say, the end result was better than I expected. It’s a good job no-one was watching me though, I’m sure my head follows the needle as I sew, does anyone else do that I wonder?! Oh yes, and joined-up writing was a bit tricky, but don’t tell anyone…

Ta -da! The finished article

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