Busy busy…

number cards 40 and 3
gilhoolie age cards

I started making cards for something to do when I wasn’t so busy with lampshades etc. but things have picked up over the last week with quite a few orders and another art gallery wanting lampshades and pictures for their shop – argghhh more screen-printing to do tomorrow – surely I’ll be more relaxed about it this time?! Anyway, here are a couple of cards I made this week for friends, again with the gilhoolie retro circles print behind the cut outs. I’m really enjoying making them and have lots of other ideas plus I think I’ll have a go at making a more complicated paper cut picture maybe, when I have time.

I love Heather Moore’s ‘Flowers’ paper cut illustration, a bit complicated for me though; knowing me I’d cut the wrong bit and it would all fall apart! Note to self, start with something simpler and be VERY careful…

Heather Moore paper cut
Flowers paper cut illustration by Heather Moore - wow!

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