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Three weekends of lampshades…

Lovely traditional lampshades
Lovely traditional lampshades

It’s nearly half term and, like most parents I’m looking forward to a break from the usual routine and a bit of a rest. The week before a school holiday is always a bit manic though, as if I won’t ever be able to do gilhoolie stuff again… (sounds like a nightmare to me!) But, don’t panic, I just realised I have lampshade courses or workshops over the next three weekends, phew!

The next two Sundays will be spent at Homemade London learning how to make a traditional style lampshade with Angela Constantinou from Cocoon Home. I’m really looking forward to the challenge and even the homework in between! It’s nearly a year since I learnt how to make my first drum lampshade and I’ve always wanted to know how the traditional ones are made – look out for updates on here, as long as my efforts are good enough, got to have pom poms for sure.

Then, on the 25th February I’m running my own lampshade workshop in Maidenhead with Arts & Laughs. I’m looking forward to that too, in a different way, and am prepared with instructions and a list of equipment. It’ll be really nice to show people how it’s done and have a chat, eat cake and drink tea. Oh yes, and the workshop is being featured by FromBritainWithLove, which is ‘an online magazine and directory dedicated to showcasing Britain’s most talented designers, craftspeople, producers and retailers’. How exciting, no pressure then! I’ll let you know how it goes…

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