The journey of a gilhoolie hand-made lampshade…

I made a lampshade this morning from some of my screen-printed fabric and I thought it would be nice to write about what goes on behind the scenes. Not every detail, don’t worry, just a little insight into the journey of a gilhoolie hand-made lampshade.

As I’m not organised enough to have lots of fabric already printed,ย  I started off by screen-printing my fabric using my butterfly design. Well, at first I had to mix up some more ink as I had run out of purple, nothing’s ever straight forward you know!

Printing fabric for butterfly lampshade
gilhoolie butterfly fabric in dusky purple

Five perfect screen-prints later (phew!) and I have a strip of crisp cotton/linen blend fabric printed with my butterfly design in dusky purple. I love screen-printing when it goes right but it’s not always as easy as you’d think. It’s unbelievably satisfying though when I make a lampshade from my own print and that’s why I do it.

Once the fabric has dried, I iron it to set the design and then get ready to transform it into a drum lampshade. I won’t go into details but you can see the course notes from my first lampshade workshop on FromBritainWithLove. Or come on a lampshade making workshop with me!

Making butterfly lampshade

I love it when the lampshade comes together and I must admit I still have a little jump for joy when it’s done and perfect!

Next I wrap it in cellophane, add a gilhoolie tag and wrap it in bubble wrap before placing it in a box and sending it on it’s way to a lovely Etsy customer. This all takes time but I love the fact that it’s all hand-made by me, here at gilhoolie…

All ready to go!
All ready to go!

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