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Inspiration at Liberty, London…

I had the best day out last Saturday in London with my husband. We started off by catching the train and sitting and chatting with a cup of tea, very civilised and bliss to have some rare, quality time on our own. We were on our way to meet some friends for drinks and dinner just off Oxford Street so decided to take a trip to Liberty for some inspiration. I used to walk past the building all the time when I was a student, on my way to trendy Carnaby Street but believe it or not, I had never stepped foot inside. Now I have I’ll never walk past it again! Anyway, here are some photos of things that caught my eye.

First, of course, lampshades (what else?!) I really liked the birds on this lampshade and we happened to be on our way to meet a very talented friend Ella who draws the most beautiful pictures of birds and makes divine stationery so I had to take a photo. The one on the right on the shelf in the background is a lampshade from Lush Designs in Greenwich. I remember seeing their lampshades when I first started out and would still like to have a go at printing my designs onto parchment paper and making them into lampshades, I will one day.

Libertys bird lampshade
tweet tweet!

Aren’t these tube lights pretty? I love the intricate designs too…

Liberty tube lights
Lovely tube lights

Hmm, I’m not sure I’d be able to make one of these just yet, better get practicing!

Traditional lampshades
Traditional lampshades

And these teapot lamps are just for fun but I was also really in awe of the building that you can see in the background, you don’t find many shops like it do you?!

Liberty tea pot lamps
Cup of tea anyone?!

Of course I spent a good amount of time browsing and looking at fabrics too and these pictures by Naomi Avsec caught my eye so I had to include them on here. Her appliqued and embroidered pictures are quite quirky and there’s so much detail involved. I have an idea for a picture I’d like to do after being inspired by these, more to follow soon…

Naomi Asvec
Naomi Asvec

3 thoughts on “Inspiration at Liberty, London…

    1. No problem Ruth, I’m lucky to live so near to London. Are you going on the lampshade at Homemade London this month? If so, have fun and say hi to Angela for me! Julie x

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