Tintin Lampshades…

One of the first things I did when I started writing this blog was decorate a wall in my son’s bedroom by using pages from a Tintin book as wallpaper. Have a look at the post I wrote here. Well, I’ve been wanting to make some paper lampshades for a while so I thought it was the perfect opportunity to make a matching Tintin lampshade for his room with the rest of the book… and here it is!

tin tin lampshade closeup

I had some old lampshades left over from our hallway so I decided to just recover them. I really should write a tutorial here at this point and I will one day – it wasn’t hard to do, a bit fiddly but like most things easier than you think, especially if you have the right tools for the job. It all feels very different to the hand-stitched lampshade I’ve been finishing this week – lots of double-sided tape involved (feels like cheating but very neat, especially with some white bias binding finishing off the top and bottom of the shade).

I now have to make two for Jacob’s bedroom, including a bigger pendant lampshade for the middle of the room, it’s about time his room had a makeover. Maybe we should go for a different comic book this time though – any suggestions?!…

Tin Tin lampshade

2 thoughts on “Tintin Lampshades…

  1. My children would adore this, they are both huge fans. What a clever idea to use pages from a book. If it were up to my children, they would also be wanting a retro spiderman one, but I think Tintin has more class!

    1. Thank you, mine seem to be very happy with them, I made two today! The oldest wants a big pendant one too and luckily I have enough pages left, felt a bit strange cutting it up the first time though! I agree, Tintin has more class and the colours are lovely and muted. Julie x

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