Lunch is for wimps…

I have to be honest, I’ve found it a bit hard getting back into things after the summer holidays (hang on, it’s Autumn now, right?!) but this week feels like a turning point. Yesterday I had a lovely day making a bespoke comic book lampshade for a client who had seen my Tintin ones on my website. This is quite a fiddly process; making lampshades with paper is much less forgiving than fabric as you can’t take it off and start again once it’s stuck down. Nevertheless, I really enjoyed it, so much so that I didn’t want to stop for lunch, a sure sign that I’m having too much fun! I also finished off some drawing but I’ll save that for another post…

So here it is, next to one of my Tintin ones, looking equally neat and retro, finished off with off-white fabric on the top and bottom rings (I love that bit, very satisfying to see it all neatened off!) I’m off to post it now, will let you know the feedback, hope they like it…

comic book lampshades

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