Handmade in Britain12

Last Friday I visited Handmade in Britain with a friend. I’ve never been before so it was good to go and have a nose around (and visit Heal’s and the Conran Shop afterwards!) I have to admit, I didn’t see that many stalls I was really drawn to but here are a few I did like.

We came across Anya Keeley’s work towards the end of the visit; always good to save the best until last as her work is stunning. We stood and stared for a few minutes, always a good sign I think. It’s hard to explain what she does but her website says:

A compendium of curious creatures & whimsical wonders discovered during explorations and adventurings. Prepare to be bewildered, bamboozled & beguiled. Here you will find mischievous mammals, botanically bemusing birds, frolicsome fairies, mesmerising mermaids & much much more. All specimens are one-off artefacts using wire, reclaimed and found objects.

We were both really mesmerised by her duck sculpture but I can’t find any images of it so here’s a picture of Henry the Puffin instead, isn’t he adorable?!

Henry the Puffin by Anya Keeley
Henry the Puffin by Anya Keeley

As usual there were a few lampshades dotted around, nothing inspiring unfortunately, although I did like Offkut’s bare bulb lights for their simplicity.

Offkut corset cage light
Offkut corset cage light

In terms of textiles, I really liked the colours and style of this print by Michele Oberdieck.

Michele Oberdieck fabric
Michele Oberdieck fabric – like the chair too!

Oh, and the embroidery on Ekta Kaul’s cushions (this one is a section of a map of Chelsea) and you can buy it from

Ekta Kaul Chelsea map cushion
Ekta Kaul Chelsea map cushion

Finally, just because I love looking at old buildings, I thought the architectural models by Chisel & Mouse were pretty clever, especially the one of the Art Deco Hoover Building in London.

Hoover Building
Hoover Building by Chisel & Mouse

We did see some lovely jewellery too and were particularly tempted by a ring by Sonia Cheadle, shame they start at £25,ooo!!!

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