Why lampshades?…

gilhoolie logoWhen I’m teaching I’m frequently asked, why do I make lampshades? Well, I can’t easily explain why, I just have this obsession with them and they make me happy. I’ve been writing this blog now for two years and making lampshades for nearly as long and I still have to pinch myself to check it’s all real. I’ve been busy with orders lately, for private clients and interior designers and I still go through the following emotions:

  • when I make a lampshade I still start with a feeling of excitement, anxious to see what it will look like in the end
  • while I’m making  a lampshade I still double check everything, I would hate to make a mistake and I still really, really care about every one I make
  • when the lampshade is complete, whether it’s a simple drum that’s taken a couple of hours to make, or a drum with a hand-made trim that I’ve designed and stitched, or a hand-stitched empire lampshade that’s taken considerably longer, I feel elated and often literally jump with joy and stand back and go “wow, I love it!” (Then feel a bit silly as I’m there on my own…)
  • then finally, when I hand the lampshade over to a client, all packaged nicely, I love seeing their faces light up and I imagine their happiness whenever they turn the light on…

This may all seem a bit silly and extreme to a lot of people but I am proud of the fact that I take so much care in making each and every lampshade. And I’m proud of the fact that they are all hand-made with lots of love and attention. And I’m so happy that I enjoy what I do so much, even if I still get a bit nervous about the whole thing, it just shows I still care, long may it continue… so that’s why I make lampshades, crazy I know…

Large hand-stitched empire lampshade
Large hand-stitched empire lampshade – complete with gilhoolie tag
Big lampshade complete
Pretty cotton roses fabric with a tassel trim

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