Just a normal gilhoolie day…

I haven’t written on here lately about what I’ve done on a normal gilhoolie day so I thought I would now when I feel like it. Once the boys were in school and I’d been for a swim, (that’s not usual, I only go once a week!) I started by answering a few emails, then I wrapped up a couple of house portraits I drew this week, ready for posting.

Next, I had fun with lampshade PVC, scissors, a ruler and a hairdryer! I have a large square lampshade to recover and I thought I’d have a practice at scoring the PVC before I tackle the real thing (the hairdryer warms the PVC slightly to make it more malleable, you have to be careful not to snap the PVC completely, I learnt!)

Here are the lampshades before (a tapered drum one too):

square and tapered before


I’ll post photos when they’re all ready at a later date.

Then I sent off an email to Moo – I buy my business cards from them and they’re looking for people who use their products a bit differently. I always tie one of my gilhoolie business cards to lampshades with a matching ribbon so I thought it was worth a shot.

gilhoolie Moo business card

gilhoolie Moo business card

Finally, before I whiz off on the school run, I sanded down my lamp base I bought a while ago – I’m going to paint it this week, so here it is before, looking very shabby (except for the lampshade of course!)

white lamp base before


It’s been a very satisfying day, lots done, must whiz now though!

PS Hope you like the shots in our newly decorated dining room, still curtains to do so I’ll show you properly soon!

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2 thoughts on “Just a normal gilhoolie day…

  1. Busy busy! Get those yellow curtains chosen and up!

  2. I have chosen the fabric honest! It takes time to put a good scheme together you know! (That’s why I could never be an Interior Designer!)

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