Lampshades from wedding table runners

Who doesn’t love a wedding? (I can’t personally remember the last one I went to and I’m sure they have been a lot different this year)… But I’m a bit of a romantic and they make me very happy and emotional, all is good in the world and everyone is kind (sorry, very sickly). So when Nicola emailed me to ask if I could make lampshades from her wedding table runners I felt a warm feeling inside (sorry again). What a great thing to do! And of course I said yes straight away. Who wouldn’t?!

The runners featured palm leaves in a gorgeous green and Nicola decided to go for gold pvc for the inside of the lampshades to add contrast. What a great combination. I have to say, it was a bit nerve wracking cutting them up and making the lampshades (not that I make mistakes too often, thank goodness :-))

Here they are – 2 really big 50cm diameter drum lampshades and a smaller 40cm one. I was so pleased with the finished result, very stylish indeed. More importantly, Nicola really liked them when she came to collect and is looking forward to putting them up when they move back into their house which is being renovated. I can’t wait to see photos of them in situ.

If you have some treasured fabric you’d like making into lampshades do get in touch! And read Nicola’s testimonial (along with lots of others!) here.

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